Bay of Fundy

My family and I just returned from a ten-day vacation on the New Brunswick coast, at Canada’s Fundy National Park. The Bay of Fundy’s tidal changes are the greatest in the world — the difference between low and high tide’s water levels are as much as 48 feet!

From top: Following the boardwalk to the shore, my wife and daughter walk through the woods to Fundy National Park’s Point Wolfe at low tide. Once heavily logged for shipbuilding in the 1800s, the area became a national park in 1948; At low tide, fishing boats at the marina in Alma, New Brunkswick, look as if they are in a bathtub after the drain plug was pulled; at low tide near the Cape Enrage lighthouse, the sky is reflected in one of the rocks. Mariners gave the area its name due to the long reef that caused many shipwrecks; My daughter skips rocks on the bay with one of the many flat rocks she found while walking the beach.

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