Memorial Day in Tunbridge

I enjoyed wandering around with my camera during my hometown’s Memorial Day activities — it’s one of the best small-town experiences I know of. And it was great to see so many familiar faces! My daughter and I also stopped by our neighbor’s farm for a fundraiser for NOFA-VT’s Farmshare program.

Harmonica Player



Cow Plop Bingo

From top: Band member Rudy Ruddell tunes up his harmonica for Haywire’s performance at Tunbridge Hill Farm; Children try to get the attention of the Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department as they throw candy during the parade; One pug had a good view of the tractors, hot rods, children and oxen parading down Route 110; Amy Bogardus tries to direct her Guernsey ox, Cash, during a game of Cow Plop Bingo at the fairgrounds.

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