On Town Meeting day, I received delivery of a smart phone. Since then, the phone has become an amazing tool — I didn’t think I would enjoy using its camera as much as I do. It’s easy to grab pictures here and there with it and quickly upload them to Instagram (follow me @geoff_hansen)!
Clockwise from upper left: Ice jams the White River in Sharon, Vt.; my teenage daughter multitasks while eating lunch in West Lebanon, N.H.; finished maple syrup is ready for bottling in Tunbridge, Vt.; winter’s last gasp forms ice crystals along the roadside in Tunbridge, Vt.; a poster for the World’s Fair hangs from the Cilley covered bridge in Tunbridge, Vt.; Rev. Deadra Ashton wishes everyone a Happy Easter at the end of the sunrise service in Tunbridge, Vt.

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