Living with Pigs


Living with Pigs by Chuck Wooster and Geoff Hansen, hardcover signed by the authors.



Pigs are adorable, clean, friendly animals. So it’s no wonder that you’ve thought about raising them as companions. But if you also happen to love bacon, and don’t like the reports of pollution and cruelty in the pig pork industry, you might consider raising your own pigs as meat animals as well. Keeping pigs happy in either situation means understanding their needs and temperaments. Living with Pigs teaches you all about what pigs need, how to raise them, and which breeds make the best bacon. Chuck Wooster’s friendly advice and appealing anecdotes help you: Choose what breed of pig or pigs is best for you. Provide the best shelter and food for your pigs. Train your pig. Treat your pig’s injuries and illnesses.Butcher your pig and make your own bacon. Illustrated with Geoff Hansen’s beautiful full-color photographs, Living with Pigs serves as a great introduction if you’re considering owning one or a whole herd of pigs, as well as an essential guidebook if you already own a few.

ISBN: 9781592288779
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: July 2008
Pages: 178