Last Chapter?

Last month, I photographed Hillary Leicher’s bookstore in Randolph, Vt., for a Valley News story about the state of local independent bookstores. Named for Leicher’s children, Bud & Bella’s Bookshop opened three years ago in the same space where Leicher’s mother owned a bookstore. They’re struggling, but I hope the store can stay in town.
From top: Hillary Leicher, owner of Bud & Bella’s Bookshop in Randolph, talks with a passer-by on Main Street before closing for the evening. Nearing the three-year anniversary of her store’s opening, Leicher is thinking about closing due to slow sales; Leicher laughs with her children Adam, 10, and Kira, 6, at the store. Reopening the store in the space where Cover to Cover Bookshop was run by her mother Jeannie Ward for 16 years, Leicher named store after her children’s nicknames.

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