Living with Pigs

“In the tradition of Living with Chickens, this beautiful book will appeal to ‘armchair’ farmers, hobby farmers, do-it-yourselfers, and animal lovers.”


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Mucking about in barnyards, I followed pigs through the seasons to make pictures for Living with Pigs. They are thoroughly enjoyable creatures to watch and photograph — pigs have the curiousity of a cat and friendliness of a dog.
I’m very thankful to the following farmers for allowing me to spend time with their porcine pals: Julie Brown, Nancy LaRowe, Suzanne Long and Tim Sanford, Jennifer Megyesi and Kyle Jones and Kate and Erik Reimanis. And to farmer and writer Chuck Wooster, for being very easy to work with on this book. He makes my photographs look better with a manuscript that is accessible and friendly. And to the crew at Lyons Press — Lilly Golden, Ellen Urban and Ann Treistman — for their support through the project. — Geoff Hansen

From the Lyons Press catalog: “Movie star George Clooney prompted thousands of Americans to discover the joys of owning a pot-bellied pig as a house pet. The movie Babe had pigs that were cuter than border collies. Hollywood obviously has discovered what Chuck Wooster already knows: pigs are adorable, clean, and friendly. They are finally getting the respect they deserve, as more and more people are interested in them. Pigs are the fourth most intelligent creatures on the planet, just below humans, primates, and dolphins. They also make for great bacon. Chuck Wooster’s comprehensive guide to all things pig tells readers which breeds are best for which purpose, how to find them, train them, breed them, butcher them, prepare proper food and shelter for them, and much, much more! Wooster writes with a reassuring voice and plenty of entertaining anecdotes to outline how easy it is to take care of a pig. And the gorgeous layout is illustrated with full-color photographs throughout.”

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