The Joy of Keeping a Root Cellar

“The helpful tips, recipes, charts, gorgeous photographs, and personal anecdotes interspersed throughout provide a rich experience and make the ideas feel more accessible.” — Library Journal


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I saw the light as I made pictures in the cool darkness of root cellars and in the warm sun of farm fields. I appreciate the cooperation and help I received while spending time at Fat Rooster Farm, Tunbridge Hill Farm and at root cellars tucked away in corners of Vermont and Maine. Once again, farmer/writer Jennifer Megyesi’s enthusiasm for the project elevated my work. I appreciate all of her help. My editor Ann Treistman also deserves a lot of credit — she has collaborated with me on eight books over ten years. I’m grateful Ann includes me in her unwavering support for community-based agriculture. — Geoff Hansen

From the Skyhorse Publishing catalog: “The winning team behind The Joy of Keeping Chickens returns, this time with a complete guide to building and maintaining a root cellar — even if it’s just a dark and cool closet. This cheap, easy, energy-saving way will keep the harvest fresh all year long. Here, readers will learn:
• Which fruits and vegetables store best
• How to build a root cellar in the country, suburbs, or city
• How to deal with specific environmental challenges
• Storage techniques ranging from canning to pickling and smoking to drying
• Recipes for everything from tomato sauce to venison jerky
Root cellaring isn’t just for off-the-grid types or farmers with large gardens. Storing food makes good sense, both financially and environmentally. And root cellars can easily fit anywhere. In this intelligent, convincing book, authors Megyesi and Hansen show how to make them part of every reader’s life.”

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