Living with Chickens

I really love this book — the photography is great and the writing is simple and informative. If you have any interest in chickens, this is the book for you!” — Tamara Staples, The Fairest Fowl


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The photographs for Living with Chickens document the lives of chickens in New England through the seasons. Under the careful supervision of their owners, the birds are allowed to roam the woods and garden during the day. Some were fortunate to have a piglet to cozy up with at night.
Thanks are due to chicken farmers Carrie Maynard, Tom Powers and Lianne Thomashow, the Vermont Bird Fanciers Club, author Jay Rossier and especially editor Ann Treistman at The Lyons Press. — Geoff Hansen

From the Lyons Press catalog: “Chickens have long been a symbol of a good life in the country, and the idea of raising poultry is as popular as ever in today’s busy world — whether for fun or for profit. Vermonter Jay Rossier gives any future chicken farmer the tools he needs to get started, from step-by-step instructions on building the coop to a brief background on chicken biology (‘gizzard talk’); from hints on getting high-quality eggs from the hens, to methods for butchering. He draws on his own experiences and those of his fellow poultrymen in discussing how to keep marauders from the chicken coop, the benefits of homemade grain versus commercial, and how to live (and sleep) with a rooster in your midst. Personal anecdotes, interesting facts, and lush images of the birds and their landscape round out this comprehensive book.”

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